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UK IPTV Free trial - UK Tv For You.

Premium UK IPTV 48 Hour Full Free Trial

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    We are that confident you will enjoy our service we offer a full 48 hour Free Trial. If you already have a Mag250, Mag 254, Mag 256 or Android Media Player or emulator. We can connect you to our service. So you can fully test our 200 Channels of Sport, Movies, Entertainment, Catch Up and Freeview. We use the latest IP TV service and offer one of the easiest to use UK IPTV devices on the market.

    Simply fill out the form below including your Mac ID, Current Location and Email and we will send you all the details you require to be watching our sevice for 48 hours.

    Please note our service is not available in the UK or Ireland. We also do not support VLC trials.

    Fancy a chat, either let us know using the form below and we can arrange a SKYPE or Direct Call at your convenience or call us now on



    Please make sure MAC ID is formatted correctly using capitals and colons with no spaces i.e 00:1A:79:01:01:01.