Whatever your needs UK TV For You has it covered
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At UK TV For You we can provide VPN services for all mobile and tablet devices,
as well as laptops and desktops. A VPN Router to connect Smart TVs, Games Consoles and Media Players
Plus our Industry leading UKTV Premium TV Service Have fun!.

With Email, Live Chat, Skype and Telephone Support we can help provide the right solution for you.

you Name It we have the solution whether a UK VPN for a short trip or mobile solution. To a bespoke home entertainment system.

We can help you watch UK TV on your iPhone or Android, tablet and iPad. As well as Xbox or Playstation. Media Players, Smart TVs and Apple TV. All computers, whether Apple, Windows or Linux. Not forgetting our Premium TV service works on all TVs smart or not.

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Premium TV Service

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VPN Router

Another small and discreet box that packs a big punch of power. With its high speed processor and bags of ram, our router can easilly handle multiple VPN connections for streaming video. As the VPN Router come pre configured, there is no complicated setup, just plug it in and connect. Then all your devices connect as if in the UK. Great for Smart TVs, Games Consoles and Media players that don't have a VPN capability.

VPN Service

If you only want to setup on a single device or need a connection today. Then our VPN service is for you. Setup is simple and only takes a few moments then you will be able to connect your device as if it is in the UK. High speed, secure and anonymous servers means your connection is smooth, fast and safe. Don't forget our VPN encrypts all your data, essential if connecting to public wifi.

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Mobile Devices

By using our VPN Router you can connect all phones and tablets at the same time as other devices to a UK connection. With no need to setup or configure ! Simply connect to the VPN Routers wifi and your device connects to the internat as if in the UK. If you are out and about use the stand alone VPN on the device and you can connect on all public wifi and cellular wifi as if in the UK .

Smart & All televisions

Got a Smart TV and you would love to use all the UK Apps ? Well with our VPN router you can. Connect via ethernet or wifi and your Smart TV connects as if in the UK ! Wherever you are in the World. Our Premium TV works with all TVs that have a HDMI socket. Plug in grab the remote sit back and enjoy all the best in UK TV plus catch up.

laptops and Desktop Computers

Whether it is Windows, Mac OSX or Linux our VPN will allow you to setup in moments and connect securely, anonymously as if in the UK. If you need a VPN connection on multiple computers or mobile devices then why not choose the VPN Router. It will allow you to connect multiple devices at once as if in the UK. With no setup or configuration requiired.

media players and games consoles

Have you got an Apple TV, NOW TV or other great Media player, that doesn't show your favourite Channels and Apps. A Games Console that you just wish you could connect as if in the UK. Not to worry, just connect to our VPN router and they will connect as if in the UK. Unlocking all blocked apps and channels. Get the most out of your KIT connect to the UK

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